Le grand bordel

An exhibition book project about the Food, the Friendship and the Mafia, about Painters, Poets and Monsieur Nicolas Polverino, self-confident Housekeepers, Communism and Sartre, Monsieur Dior, the Plumber’s craft, the Beauty of Women and the Beauty of Light, about Steep turns and Savoir-survivre and the most remarkable waves carrying the recipes of Picasso’s housekeeper from the Côte d’Azur to the Elbe.


A series about the sea – proud, pure, authentic and monolithic. The sky, weather and light are parts of the moments, but they also control them. Time vanishes. Whats happening now draws you in, merges with your experiences and is the start of your future: weather, calm, storms, time of day, dreams, win or lose. Go under or rise above.


Driven by the fascination of flying, images of this unique airplane, a MIG 29, were created. In their own language far from any normal documentation. They are powerful, majestic, beguilingly elegant images. They are abrupt, roaring and demanding – just like the fighter planes.