Le grand bordel

An exhibition book project about the Food, the Friendship and the Mafia, about Painters, Poets and Monsieur Nicolas Polverino, self-confident Housekeepers, Communism and Sartre, Monsieur Dior, the Plumber’s craft, the Beauty of Women and the Beauty of Light, about Steep turns and Savoir-survivre and the most remarkable waves carrying the recipes of Picasso’s housekeeper from the Côte d’Azur to the Elbe.

The Story
In nine stories and 60 delightful photographs, the reader will learn why the recipes from Pablo Picasso’s housekeeper are being cooked today in the Brasserie La Provence in Ottensen (Hamburg).

The Recipes
The cookbook has 70 recipes that are simple, but varied and healthy. Whether entrée, main dish or desert, the description follow the pattern – Mise en place (preparation), Réalisation (the steps), Présentation (presentation). Each is clearly explained with helpful hints.


Text: Judith Stoletzky
Photography: Gerd George
Published by Becker-Joest-Volk

Dimensions: 315mm x 250mm x 30mm
ISBN-13: 9783938100844
ISBN-10: 3938100842